New album Solitary IV release 30th June 2017

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August 2017

For those of you that prefer vinyl, it is now possible to pre- order a copy (release 15th of September).
The vinyl releases are in high quality pressing and limited edition. Excellent cover artwork done by Ole Kristian Øye.

August 2017

The reviews for Solitary IV the last weeks have been overwhelming.
Thanks for all the support so far, most appreciated!
We have tried to gather some excerpts from what the press has to say about Solitary IV so far:

Plattentest (Germany) 8 out of 10 and album of the week
“This is music, which actually explores new territory. So consistently, hardly anyone has linked metal and avant-garde”.

Lettere dall underground (Italy) 9.5 out of 10
“The Soundbyte has given us one of the best, if not the, best record of 2017»

RTMB (Mexico) 9,5 out of 10
“Without a doubt, Solitary IV leaves its mark as something of the best of the year.»

Music reviews (Germany) 12 out of 15
“Ambient Sounds, Doom Metal, enriched with Gothic and Folk, create a virtuosic mixture for the recreation of dream-lost nights»

Avant music (US)
“The Soundbyte has largely succeeded in combining a diverse array of musical styles in a compelling and cohesive fashion. Solitary IV gets a solid thumbs-up, and it looks like I’ve got another back catalog to explore.”

Grind on the Road (Italy) 7.5 out of 10

Dark underground music zine (UK) 8 out of 10

Metal Norge 8 out of 10
“Der progressiv melankoli møter ambiente lydlandskap så treffer The Soundbyte blink, denne er nok en utmerket outsider til en av årets beste overraskelser»

Angry metal guy (US) 3.5 out of 5
“Unlike many ambient-influenced and post-something acts it never gets dull or repetitive, instead always searching for a new angle to approach the style. Coupled with a solid production and good performances, The Soundbyte have a successful experiment on their hands.»

Fons immortalis (Germany)
“It is an aesthetic work, whether sublime and majestic or morbid and bizarre. Everything is justified and elegantly combined into a complex whole.»

Slavestate (Sweden) 4 out of 5

Dark Entries (Belgium) 7,5 out of 10
“A nice view with a glimpse of the future, it’s the way we like it!”

Echoes Zine (Czech republic) 70 out of 100
“Solitary IV is simply worth listening to. Turn on your ears and stop for a moment!”

LMF (Poland)
“Contrasts and tensions, blending peace and chaos, silence and noise make this album interesting.”

Amusio (Germany)
“Very beautiful, good and praiseworthy, as The Soundbyte always manages to expose common structures, and then break them up”

Metal Hammer (UK)
“Expertly crafted electro prog metal”

Prog (UK)
“Solitary IV is endlessly intriguing”

June 30th 2017

Finally! Solitary IV is now released and can be ordered by following this link

June 2017

The reviews for Solitary IV starts to come in – all very positive!
Here are some links for what the press has to say about the release so far.

Avant music (US) – «Solid thumbs up»
Music reviews (DE) – 12 out of 15
Metal Norge (NO) – 8 out of 10
Lettere dall underground (IT) – 9,5 out of 10
Grind on the road (IT) – 7,5 out of 10
Dark underground music zine (UK) – 8 out of 10

June 26th 2017

Today we have opened up for streaming of the full album Solitary IV – release 30th of June.
The album premiere is done exclusively through Prog. To have a listen follow this link.
Hope you enjoy!

June 2017

Solitary IV opened for pre-order on CD – Vinyl – Downloadable.
To order follow this link
The back catalogue still available in the webshop on this site.

June 2017

Video premiere “Solitary” from Solitary IV 19th June 2017
Click here

May 2017

First video premiere from Solitary IV “Descending” 30th May 2017
Click here

May 2017

Solitary IV press release 3rd May 2017
Click here

April 2017

Solitary IV release 30th June 2017
We are proud to present that the new album “Solitary IV” is finished and will be released 30th June 2017 on both cd and vinyl.
Videos, sound and more information will be posted during May.

July 2016

The Soundbyte Live!
We are doing two concerts in Mexico the second week of August at the Festival International Chihuahua.
8th August CD. JUAREZ – Plaza del Mexanidad
9th August CHIHUAHUA – El Palomar

February 2016

New album in postproduction at the moment.

September 2014

Prelisten for upcoming album in 2017!
A lot of material has been tried out both live and through studio recordings the last two years. Bits and pieces have now been sorted – some ready for mixing, some for rerecording during the autumn. One of the pieces is now available for pre listen. The track is from a live studio improvisation concisting of Trond Engum (guitar/electronics), Rune Hoemsnes (drums) and Kirsti Huke (vocals).

March 2014

The Soundbyte Live!

Short presentation/concert from Trondheim March 2014
Trond Engum – guitar and Rune Hoemsnes – drums

Click  here  to watch the performance

January 2013

The Soundbyte Live!
We have divided the concert at Notam Oslo 24.into three clips.
Trond Engum – guitar and Rune Hoemsnes – drums

Click to watch

INTRO     –     TRANSITION     –     BLACK


October 2012

The Soundbyte Live!
Concert at Notam Oslo 24. October as a duo constellation.
Trond Engum – guitar and Rune Hoemsnes – drums

Click here to watch the performance

October 2012
The Soundbyte has just finished 4 days intensive recording in Berlin.

October 2012
The Soundbyte Live!
Concert at Dokkhuset Trondheim 3. October.

July 2012
The new album “Trilogy” will be released August 20.
Until then it is possible to pre-order both CD and downloadable version directly from this site.
The downloadable version is in high resolution audio.
For ordering larger quantities, please send a mail to

December 2011
The Soundbyte trilogy black/grey/white are ready for release!
Cover artwork and tracklist will be present in the media section before end of this year.
In addition two live videos from a Concert in October will be available in the Video section.

October 2011
The Soundbyte LIVE!
After three intensive years we are finally ready to present the results of our musical research.
Everything starts with a concert in Trondheim the 21. October at Rockheim.
Sound and video recordings from the concerts will be available.

September 2011

Drammen 30. September
Halden 01. October
Trondheim 21. October

August 2011

The album is mastered, and songs are labelled. Many thanks for all suggestions and feedback.

July 2011

Did a live concert with the new line up during SPL 2011.

June 2011

Back in the studio for more recording and preparing live set for a couple of concerts during summer (tba)

May 2011

At the moment attending the NIME conference in Oslo. Will do a presentation focusing on the technical aspects behind the making of the new album.

March 2011

We have started a pre-listen session for the upcoming album. An unmastered version is sent to a selection of people. Please send us a note if someone is forgotten.

March 2011

We have started rehearsing for live concerts. The basic live line up consists of Trond Engum, Rune Hoemsnes and Arild Følstad. The different members contributing in bands like The 3rd and The Mortal and Calmcorder.

March 2011

I have been in London mixing three new songs for the upcoming album. An invitation for pre listening of the whole album will be sent to a selection of people before mid March.

February 2011

I’m doing a presentation of my research project at Westminster University in London.

February 2011

I’m doing a presentation at the National Library in Oslo during the seminar “Musikk/maskin”.

December 2010

I will do a concert with Atrox in Trondheim during their 20year anniversary. A live DVD from their concert will be released during 2011.

October 2010

I have been in Berlin mixing two more tracks for the upcoming album trilogy.

September 2010

I’m doing an outdoor concert in Trondheim. Visit the video page to watch the performance.

September 2010

I will do a presentation of my research project and a concert September 16. at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

Two songs for the upcoming release are available for your listening enjoyment.

Click for prelisten:

Angle Grinder



March 2010

I`ve spent all march working in Berlin finishing all the drum recording for the next release. Click here for a short video.